Timber Industry

Value creation

The timber industry is very important to Estonia. The timber industry accounts for approximately one-quarter of the total production of the manufacturing industry, more than 10% of the total value added of the Estonian economy and ca 20% of export and provides jobs for ca 10% of employed people.

Lemeks’ goal is to process timber in Estonia as much as possible. All plants of Lemeks are located in rural areas. Thus, Lemeks makes sure that there is life and work in the countryside. 

Palmako, Pinest, Estonian Plywood and Nordwood, which belong to the Lemeks Group, are engaged in the first-stage processing as well as the post-processing of timber. This allows us to valorise the local resource to the maximum, which is supported by an approach that values the environment and is sustainable.

9 production units on 102,000 m2 of production land
410,000 m3 of timber products per year

First-stage processing of timber

Round timber is cut into square sawn timber, milled into round logs or turned into veneer. Palmako, Nordwood and Estonian Plywood deal with the first-stage processing of timber in the Lemeks Group.

Nordwood cuts beams and boards from sawlogs, the associated products of which are cellulose chips and sawdust.

Palmako makes machine rounded and deep-impregnated garden products under the Imprest trademark, using the thin, coniferous lumber obtained in the course of forest felling.

Estonian Plywood makes veneer from fine and thick birch blocks.

Post-processing of timber

Various finished products are applied to first-stage processed wood. Post-processing in Lemeks is carried out by PinestEstonian Plywood and Palmako.  

Pinest mainly produces finger-jointed and glulam timber components from pine for window, door and moulding components.

Estonian Plywood produces coated and ordinary plywood from veneer. 

Wooden houses are made in the plants of Palmako – from children’s play houses to summer cottages and residential houses. Palmako also manufactures glulam timber beams and glulam logs as construction and structural timber under the Construct trademark.  

The responsible and environmentally friendly mindset of the Lemeks Group is illustrated by the fact that all of the wood waste generated in each plant is pressed into Heatit heating pellets at the Palmako granule plant.