Forest Management

Forest management means growing, using and organising forests and, of course, protecting them.

We keep our forests for a long time and manage them for the long term. The Lemeks Group takes care of its forests and makes sure that forest management is carried out in a sustainable and prudent manner. We hold the FSC® certificate, which is internationally issued to those who manage forests responsibly.

15,000 ha of forest land
850,000 cubic metres of round timber per year

We regard forest management as a value creation process.

Everything starts with the annual joint forest planting and ends with products for the end consumer, such as playgrounds, summer cottages and garden houses.

We are an Estonian company in our hearts and process the timber of our forests in Estonia. Forestry comprises 5% of the total value added of Estonia and 3% of Estonian employment*. Over 90% of the people in the sector work outside Harju County*, which means that forestry plays an important role in maintaining life in rural areas.

The Lemeks Group with its 34 subsidiaries and affiliates employs more than a thousand people. Lemeks exports its products to 35 countries and brings revenue back to its beloved homeland.

Ten subsidiaries engaged in forestry with four timber terminals located at harbours operate under the trademarks Lemeks Mets, A&P Mets and Baltic Forest.

Our operating region covers the most forested areas in Estonia and Northern Latvia, and timber is exported to Europe through port terminals.

We sell more than 850,000 cubic metres of timber per year and most of it is sold on the domestic market by supplying local timber industries with the necessary raw material.

Our forest processor A&P Mets owns modern and high-quality forest machinery that allows us to manage forests sustainably and in a nature-friendly manner. When performing the work, it’s important to us that we follow good forest management practices, environmental standards and legislative requirements.

Involvement in all parts of the supply chain allows Lemeks to guarantee control over the safety and quality of all services and products provided.

In the course of marketing timber, we sell logs, firewood and pulpwood. We also buy, sell and manage forest holdings as well as grow forest. Thanks to our 30 years of experience and domestic capital, we know the Estonian forestry sector very well and can offer forest owners the best and most flexible solutions.

*Ernst & Young Baltic AS. 2020. Metsa- ja puidusektori sotsiaalmajandusliku mõju analüüsi aruanne