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The Lemeks Group cares about life in rural areas and supports local businesses and an active and healthy lifestyle in the locations of its companies as much as possible. It is important to us that the home areas of our employees and their families are good and interesting places to live.

Promoting exercise is important to us and we support various recreational sporting events, such as the Lemeks Tartu County Skiing Winter, the charity run Tartu Rat Race, the Simuna-Laekvere People’s Run, the races of the Lääne-Viru County running series, the PÜG Basketball Champions League, the Lustivere Cup and the Viru-Nigula Boneshaker Cup.

We also support local sports promoters, including professional teams and sports clubs where our employees and their families can challenge themselves. For example, various ball game teams – Tartu volleyball team – Bigbank Tartu and Põlva Serviti handball team. We also support the Luunja Wrestling Club Jaan and the Viljandi Wrestling Club Tulevik. We also support orienteering clubs Põlva Kobras, Joka and Team Nordwood as well as the Estonian Scooter Association and Aegviidu Sports Club.

We have supported the training of young and talented athletes in our region and their participation in competition for many years. Middle distance runner Kelly Nevolihhin from Laekvere, cross country skier Hanna-Brita Kaasik from Põltsamaa Municipality and endurance rider Anett Laever from Kunda have achieved good results in Estonia as well as elsewhere in the world.

We support the events and projects of local nursery schools and schools to ensure that young people in rural areas have enough activities to engage in and can grow up in a safe environment. For example, Aegviidu School and Aegviidu Nursery School, the Film Festival of Rakvere Upper Secondary School and several events and student projects of Luunja Secondary School, Kunda Co-ed Upper Secondary School and Põltsamaa Co-ed Upper Secondary School.

We support several big and small local events, such as the traditional start of school party of Luunja Municipality and Supilinn Days. The larger and longer projects of recent years include supporting the construction of the glass pavilions of the Village of Light and the ice rink in Christmas City Tartu.

We also support the Estonian Forestry Student Society and the Timber Architecture Conference in order to ensure that young people are interested in the forestry and timber industry and that there are always fresh ideas. Read more about sponsorship on the websites of our companies:

Christmas fairground at Tartu Town Hall 2020-2021, photo: Mana Kaasik
Kelly Nevolihhin, middle-distance runner
Kunda Town Race, photo: Reti Kokk
Eesti Tõukerattaliit
Handball team Põlva Serviti