AS Lemeks is a company based on Estonian capital, founded in 1993 with the goal of creating a modern forest harvesting enterprise with systematic coverage of Estonia to be used as the basis for developing a timber industry that adds value to domestic timber.

By now Lemeks Group has developed into one of the largest forest industry enterprises in Estonia, operating successfully both in the timber processing and forest harvesting spheres, as well as in agriculture. 34 subsidiaries and affiliates have over 1000 employees in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France and United Kingdom.

Domestic capital and the high flexibility level derived from it allow us to take decisions quickly and considering local conditions.

Chronology of Lemeks enterprises by activity spheres:

1997 - AS Palmako
2000 - AS Imprest
2002 - AS Viiratsi Saeveski (founded jointly with AS Rait)
2005 - AS Pinest
2009 - AS Aegviidu Puit
2012 - AS Viru-Nigula Saeveski
2017 - AS Estonian Plywood (founded jointly with Tarmeko KV OÜ)

1993 - AS Lemeks Tartu
1993 - AS Lemeks Põlva
1993 - AS Lemeks Võru
1993 - AS Lemeks Mets
1995 - AS Lemeks Jõgeva
1997 - AS Lemeks Harju
1998 - AS A&P Mets
2000 - SIA Baltic Forest
2007 - OÜ AP Metsatööd

1996 - AS Lemeks Sadamad Kunda department
1998 - AS Lemeks Sadamad Paldiski department

2012 - AS Lemeks Wood Supply
2016 - OÜ Lemeks Timber Trading

2004 - OÜ Sakala Põldur